Wednesday, October 6, 2010

st. louis - day 1

I won't even get into the long 7 hour drive that may or may not have turned into an 8 hour drive because I took the wrong route. Not that we were lost, just on a more scenic route. AND I won't even tell you about how the hotel messed up our reservation, sent us to a room already occupied and the how it took 45 minutes to get worked out and put in a new room. AND I am not even going to tell you how the hotel told us their parking was free in the garage across the street when in reality it was $15 a day.

I will tell you that we had a blast in St. Louis.
The first day we were there was baseball day. 

They had a bald eagle fly in before the game!

 We, I was super excited to finally attend a game at Busch Stadium.The weather was amazing. We got a bit chilly when the sun wasn't out but that was better than sitting in 110 degrees!! The view around the stadium was perfect. We could see the court house and arch. 

The game was slow and Austin was more than bummed his favorite players didn't play (it was the last game of the season and it pretty much counted for nothing so they let a lot of no names play).

We did see my favorite player; Colby Rasmus

And the great Pujols

We also strolled around downtown for a bit, the hotel we were staying in was across the street from the stadium, downtown, and the arch. It was relieving to walk everywhere and not battle traffic.

Mini arch

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  1. Wonderful photos Sarah, what a pita about all the hotel hiccups! Looks like an amazing place.


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