Thursday, October 7, 2010

st. louis- day 2- the arch

Before we headed home on Monday there was one thing we had to do; take a trip to the top of the Arch.

Was I nervous?

You bet

We paid our fee and sat in little (and when I say little I mean LITTLE) cars for the 4 minute ride to the top. Once at the top the experience was not as frightening as I thought it would be. Austin wanted it to be windy so the structure would lean as we heard it did in the wind.

Inside the top

Beautiful Mississippi ;)

Awesome shadow

Looking out was awesome! You could see forever it seemed. Looking down... not so cool.

Favorite view captured, standing under the arch

Arch at night

Once we returned to the bottom we walked around the underground museum and learned the history of the arch. There were also a brief introduction about the west. The displays caught my interest; they were life-like, moved and talked

We also had to stop at a Bass Pro Shop on the way home. We saw 4 on the way up and I promised Austin we would stop at one on the way home. We spent a good hour in the shop. After all the looking around all Austin got was two can coozies and a frog. The whole way home he kept giving me a hard time saying, "We finally got to go to a Brass Pro Shop and all you let me get was a couple of coozies and a frog!"

Please note I told him he could get whatever he so desired.

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  1. What an incredible place! How cool would it be to go to the top of the arch. Fantastic Photos.


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