Sunday, May 6, 2012

Warrior Dash 2012

Saturday we took a girls trip up to Kansas City for the Warrior Dash.

It was amazing!!! 

Seriously you should look into it next year
We got there a bit early so we could pick up our packets and check things out. 
We found a warrior and Katie chased him down so we could have a picture with him

There was a ton of interesting people to say the least

Soon it was our turn to race! There were heats all day, every 30 minutes, with 600 people per heat! 
People finished anywhere from 25 minutes to well over an hour. 

The first part of the race was a run, probably 3/4 mile. Then we hit obstacles and more running.
Most of the running was up hill, very killer! I would say 80% of the people walked some or all of the way.

We were true warriors and ran!! {except the 50 or so feet that was nothing but slippery mud, so slippery one of us fell... not me.. or Lisa... maybe it was Blanca ;) }

Brooke and Nate came to watch and take pictures

 Katie and G also came to support us!

And from the race... These are the last obstacles we faced... spectators were only allowed towards the finish

Vertical wall climb 

Spider web rope 

Leaping fire

 And in order to cross the finish line we crawled through and mud pit! 
It was the most fun

We survived, and completed the course in 40 minutes!
Next we hit the rinsing station where guys blasted us with huge hoses of cold water

We changed clothes and went to a small burger joint (Green Burgers and Beer) and ate the most amazing burgers ever

I can't wait for the Rugged Maniac in October. Katie is doing it with us and so are our husbands!!


  1. that looks like it was an incredible time!!

  2. This looks like it was so much fun!! We have the Tough guy/gal comp here that's really similar, but i wont be competing til next year after baby #2!! Well done!! (And i love your wee craft area in the last post!!)


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