Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The scary Bathtub

For those of you who don't know Mas had some sudden issues with the bath 2 weeks ago.

It was a Sunday evening and because Austin was home he was helping. I ran the tub water and Austin undressed Mason. I went to get a diaper and jammies and Austin went to put him in the tub. All of the sudden I heard screaming; terrified screaming. I went into the bathroom and Mas was freaking out. He was shaking in a full blown scream.

We took him straight out and wrapped him in a towel. He had been fussy all day and we brushed it off as teething and tired. But the next night the same thing happened. Austin was at work and I did our normal bath routine. I filled the tub with water but as I started to undress Mason he began shaking and crying. When I held him over the tub to place him in it he clung to my neck and raised his feet to his chest as to not touch the water. I decided to just put him in jammies and have Austin help me in the morning.

The next morning the same happened. Between the two of us we were able to wash him but he was truly acting terrified of the water. He has never been scared of the bath and usually loves it. He plays, crawls and splashes.

I decided to wash him in the sink the next night. He cried when I placed him in the water but it wasn't a shaking scream and I was able to clean him. After 2 more nights in the sink he was comfortable. He wasn't crying and he was even playing.

I continued to bath him in the sink for about 4 days but as you can see the more comfortable he got the less it worked out. As an 11 month old he is very into climbing... everything

and soon it was clear the sink was just too small for adventurous Mas

This weekend, with the help of Austin, we attempted the tub again. He was a bit nervous about it the first 2 nights but by Monday evening he was fine. Tonight he also did well and it was just me.

I am not sure what got into him but I am sure glad it is gone. We were concerned about the sudden and intense terror of the tub.


  1. Rylin did the same thing at 8 months old! It was like trying to bathe a cat! I bought her a blow up duck tub from Target that went inside the big tub & she liked it much better. It was bigger than the sink but not as big & scary as the tub!
    Mas is getting sooo big! I can't believe he is 11 months!

  2. Mason, you look like a wittle baby beached whale in that last pic and i love it!!

    So glad he is better! That's what max was doing too, and it was so sad. Water still isn't his fave, but summertime is helping since water play is apparently an every day thing around here now. :)

  3. Omg! That sounds so strange!! So glad he's ok with it now! I wonder what makes them have sudden terrors about things!? He's getting so big and gorgeous!! (Love that last pic especially!)

  4. What a puzzle, that he should suddenly be terrified of the bath. I'm glad he is back to (almost) normal. I'm with the others - I LOVE that last photo!!


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