Sunday, August 9, 2009

Everyday at the J-O-B

This is what my office looks like. What do I do? Well that is complicated in the fact that I don't just do one certain thing. I started working at Actuate Apparel as the bookkeeper, and I soon took on many additional exciting roles.

The cubical is where I start my day, I enter the bank transactions and deal with the books. I then print off the orders from the internet, make invoices, and order tee shirts.

This is where I spend the second part of my day, actually making the t-shirts!

The machine you see below is the DTG (direct to garment). You simply place a shirt on the board and send the image to the printer from the computer, just like printing a paper. The ink then soaks straight into the shirt.

From there you move to the heat press, which is 375 degrees so on hot days it is hot standing in front of, where you press it for about 10 seconds so all the ink dries.

And then you have t-shirts!

Finally I package the shirts and print labels to ship them away.

There you have it, for all of you who didn't know how I spend 5 days of the week!


  1. That's pretty sweet. I've been curious as to how all that works!

  2. Excellent post! I am wondering if you would like a new job of sorts...maybe you would post something on my blog occasionally about stuff at the office? Think about it! You could be totally funny or serious or whatever you want...but I think you have a talent for this girlie!


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