Sunday, August 23, 2009

Zach's First Fish

This weekend Austin and I finally had sometime to take Zach fishing. It was his first time, and all week he had told me "I never been fishing before, you and Austin can take me." My mom took him and got him his own pole and all morning he was calling me telling me he was ready to go fishing!! We took him to Sedgwick County Park and he "never been to this fish place before." First we had to get worms and he did NOT like that. He got really grossed out faces every time he looked at them and told Austin he could put them on the hook. Finally we were ready to go. Austin cast his first line for him but as he was telling me "you have to be patient to catch a fish," he was already reeling it in. He continued to "throw" out his line and reel it in over and over.

Then it was time for a snack because fishing was hard. During his snack Austin threw out his pole and caught a fish first try!! Zach was so excited but wouldn't go near it.

Austin had to help him cast because a few time we almost lost our eyes and other body parts with his crazy throws. When he did try by himself he always forgot to let go of the button and just swung it around.

After some time I caught a baby fish that was only about 3 inches, Zach touched this one and as I was trying to get a picture of him holding it he grabbed it from Austin, ran to the edge of the pond and threw it back. All in all it was a pretty fun time for us all. Zach had a blast and wanted to go back later that day or the next or the next. When we took him back he went out to the deck so he could practice and spent another 30 minutes working on his cast. Hopefully we will be able to take him again soon.

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