Monday, July 12, 2010

Museum of World Treasures

Thanks to Groupon we were able to explore the Museum of World Treasures this afternoon. I have been interested in going and scored $4 tickets so it was the perfect opportunity. The museum is 3 stories, the first floor was by far the most interesting. Here are a few of my favorite areas.

The HUGE dinosaurs fossils

Look at those teeth!

This river monster struck my fancy because Austin and I love to watch River Monsters on Animal Planet and this reminded me of something they would be searching for in dirty waters.

Mandalay City stone statues were absolutely beautiful.

I noticed the hands of every single one were placed like this.. any ideas to why?

Bird pitcher was thought to have collected water from the stream and return to the land via rain.

President Austin

The Mayans had outlandish rituals.
This is a shrunken head. They would remove the skull and place in boiling water. From there they were put hot stones in the head to make it take shape, after the head had shrunk they would replace the rocks with sand and close it up.They would wear the heads around their necks during battle; they believed the soul inside gave them powers. This is a Mayan doll.
Don't know about you but I would be terrified as a child to play with this Lastly, my favorite section by far was the Egyptian area.
The coffins, mummies, and writings always interest me.

I definitely recommend going if you haven't before!

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  1. I took advantage of that Groupon deal too and can't wait to go! Like you, I've been wanting to visit that museum for a while. Thanks for the preview :)


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