Monday, December 27, 2010

our days off

Austin had a wonderful 3 days off for Christmas, which never happens. Our weekend of Christmas was pretty packed. We had dinner at the Farris Grandparents house on Christmas Eve. It was nice to see my aunt, uncle and cousins from Kansas City and also my great Granny. Christmas Day we opened presents at home and enjoyed some traditional sticky buns. This was the first year I made them right in 3 years!

Later we went to my mom's for lunch and presents. Following that we stopped by Austin's dad for a few hours before heading to dinner at Austin's mom. The day was jammed packed and we were ready for bed when we got home.

The next day Austin went hunting, big surprise, then we hung out all day in our pajamas and watched movies which we had received for Christmas.

Monday was Austin's final day off before heading back to work. He spent most all of his day in his gaming chair playing his new videos games.

I spent the hours working on crocheting a hat for myself. I have tried a hat before and couldn't seem to get the pattern just right. On my first attempt this time I completed the hat and it actually looked decent!!

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas break full of fun and family!

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