Friday, December 17, 2010

Taking a Moment

I haven't been on here in awhile so I thought I would take a moment to let you in on ALL the things happening; both good and bad.

Lets start with the bad so by the time we get to the end of this post we are happy again!

Austin's truck got broken into......again. This is the second time since July. They took the only thing they took last time, the cd player. Only they don't just take the cd player they take the whole center dash, vents and all. This leaves all the wires hanging everywhere and you can see the engine from the inside of the truck! Not a fun situation.

To make matters worse I am losing my job. The company I work for is shutting its doors as of the new year so I will be unemployed. Maybe this is a sign I need to be a stay at home mom?? Nah, that is not my plan. I am looking for part time work as we speak, well after this post :)

Now for the in between news.

Austin brought home 2 more geckos a few weeks ago. I asked him not to bring home any more pets since we have a baby on the way but he thinks bringing them home when I am at work makes it ok since I can't do anything about it at that point. To tell the truth I was sick when he brought them home so I didn't fight him over it. He hasn't named them but I call them Itty and Bitty. They are so small.


 Good News!

I made our Christmas cards again this year. After the time and effort it took last year I had decided just to order some this year. BUT when I went into the office a few weeks ago and saw all the scrapbook supplies and materials I had already I knew I didn't need to purchase anything to make them so why not send out free cards?? Again they took a good chunk of time but I really like how they turned out.

Pregnancy has been going super well lately. Morning sickness has completely vanished, hopefully for good (knock on wood). The baby has to be growing by all the food I eat, it seems I barely go 30 minutes without cramming some sort of food down my mouth. I should probably start watching how much I eat. I am 14w 3d and we are planning to get a sono at 18 weeks to make sure everything looks ok and hopefully tell the sex of the baby.

I have started dreaming up ideas for the baby room. I can't wait to get the crib up and the room decorated. We have discussed names and Austin is set on Mason D. or Rylee Elizabeth. One of these will probably be the name since he is so hardheaded and I have mentioned 100 other names none of which he will agree on.

Hope you all have a wonderful Friday!

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