Saturday, April 2, 2011

do you....

fold your laundry yet leave it on the shelf in the laundry room only to realize everyday the inconvenience of having to dress in there?

tilt your bathroom mirror so you can see the hallway just to make sure nobody sneaks up on you while you are getting ready?

look down and have this view instead of feet?

freak out when the candy jar is almost empty?

get extra excited that warmer weather is here (and hopefully staying) so you can wear flip flops?

wish your office was an office and not all of these things?

look behind the shower curtain before using the restroom when you are home alone to make sure nobody is hiding in there?

have clothes in all closets of the house because they are all half closets and you and your husband can't fit it all in one?

have a tummy that looks like this yet you aren't freaking out that it is almost swimsuit season?

love PW seventies action? (if you haven't noticed lately I do!)

it's just me? =)


  1. Yes to...the view, the candy jar, flip flops, and the tummy. :)

  2. Let's see....
    I actually leave the clothes crumpled in the baskets for far too long. I'm trying to improve my laundry skills.
    Same view of the tummy.
    Can't have a candy jar like that, it would be empty within a day.


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