Monday, June 25, 2012

Craft Fair

Last Saturday I attempted to sell my crochet goods at a craft fair.

As many of you know my first attempt back in April was a success (earning wise) and a failure (presentation wise)

This fair was indoors so the wind was not able to completely ruin my booth but the traffic was slow and most people were just there to browse not purchase.

The day was long but I was able to get my name out there and hand out a bunch of business cards.

 I hope that the day was just a weird one because I signed up to do 2 more of these fairs. On a positive note I won't have much inventory to replace =)


  1. At least your booth looked cute! Better luck next time, I hope! :)

  2. You never know with craft shows - sometimes people are in the mood to buy and sometimes just to browse. Are the other two craft shows in the Fall? I think people are more geared up to buy then because they're getting ready for Christmas.


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