Monday, July 16, 2012

We got a puppy

Austin has been bugging me forever to get a new puppy. He really wanted to get one while Mas was still little so they could grow up together.

I am not a dog person nor did I want to deal with training a pup while having the craziness of a one year old.

After Amber attacked Rockie, we gave her to a guy who had a home for her. This guy called awhile back and said his dogs had an oops liter and knew Austin was still interested in getting another puppy some day. Long story short we have a pup now.

Her name is Nova

Austin made sure he picked a super calm one and really she isn't too bad. She is pretty lazy and fat still.

I don't love her but I guess I don't hate her.
 She thinks we are friends

Mas likes her, I think. Sometimes he wants nothing to do with her, sometimes he loves petting her and smiling and other times he likes to ram her with his cars and trucks.

I can already tell these 2 are going to be two peas in a pod. Mas likes to dump her water bowl everywhere and she like to drink out of his kiddie pool. He likes to chase her and she likes to chase him.

Oh, and we are WALKING now.

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  1. Oh Cute!!! Good luck with that! We tried just recently and failed miserably :( We had to take the puppy back after she tried to have a go at Lachy! (The SPCA seemed to think she was ADHD?) Nova and Mason will be great friends! I still dream of us trying with another puppy!


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