Monday, October 10, 2011

4 months

Mason is 4 months!

He has changed so much! We finally have a pretty set schedule and Austin and I have learned so much about parenting in these 4 months. Looking back I laugh at how little we knew when we first had him. Poor guy probably thought he had the worst parents ever.

Here are some likes....
playing, smiling, talking, BATH TIME, eating, bouncing, being outside, trying to hold himself in a sitting position, cheech.

changes in his schedule (he pretty much likes the same thing to happen at the same time each day, a blessing and a curse)
his teething toys in the freezer, putting himself to sleep, the carseat, wet diapers, and the bumbo


  1. wow he is so cute! my son's name is Mason as well!

  2. Such a gorgeous boy!! My sons not too keen on his bumbo either! He'l sit happily for about 5 mins then remember that he doesn't like it and start grizzling!


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