Sunday, October 30, 2011

My first Halloween

This year is my first Halloween. 

I am not too excited because it's not like I can have candy or anything, mom seems to think I just need milks still. 

Mom picked out this dinosaur costume for me at a second hand shop, she thought it would be warm and cute. 

Now if you know anything about my mom you know she likes to snap pictures of me constantly. I mean c'mon, I can't even lay on my silly floor mat for 5 seconds without hearing "Mason look over here, smile, look at mama"
Its annoying, so tonight when she decided to put me in my "cute" Halloween costume I decided to teach her a lesson.

They thought they were going to put me on my tummy and I would just lift right up, look at the camera and smile....wrong


Lift me up or I will just lay here and cry

 Yeah, I laid here like I had never been on my tummy before and had no idea what to do.

I sure showed them!

Happy Halloween


  1. Gorgeous!!! I'm quite sure my son thinks that same thing every time he hears me unzip the camera bag!!

  2. Love it!! They grow up too fast! Hopefully when Madeline and I come down in a few weeks we can swing by and see Mason (and you)


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