Monday, October 31, 2011


Don't get too excited we are not rolling over yet. 

We are working on it, with little effort because that is how we roll (get it?)

When I took Mason for his 4 month check up the doctor asked me if he was rolling yet. My response was "rolling? Ha is hasn't even attempted to do that." Apparently that was the wrong response. She informed me that he should have been doing that by now or at least trying. I wasn't too concerned that he he had not reached this milestone yet, he will when he is ready, but I have been spending more time on the floor with him rolling him from side to side hoping he will get the hang of it

I try holding and placing toys just out of reach and guiding him to get them. Usually he just lays there and flops whichever way he falls once I let him go.



  1. Wow, i cant believe the doc told you that!! He'l roll when he's ready, and you'd know if something was out of the ordinary preventing him from rolling! Lachy only just rolled over (from back to tummy) the other day (5 1/2 months) and he still hasn't mastered the other way!! He will in his own time!! He's looking adorable!!

  2. Pretty sure none of my boys were rolling at four months! I think that is a bit early. Micah only rolls from his tummy to his back...and only recently during the day. Before that is was only while he was sleeping. He won't even attempt to go from back to tummy yet.


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