Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Vaseline Hair

For those of you who haven't heard the story here it is...

Mason has had cradle cap, not bad but we have been trying to get rid of it since he was born. We make sure to rinse all the baby shampoo out of his hair during bath but it wasn't going away. At his 4 month check up I asked his doctor what I could do, she suggested rubbing Vaseline in his hair before bath and placing a warm cloth on top to help soak it in then bathe him and wash it out.

sounds simple enough right?!

Far from simple. He has a head full of hair and Vaseline is NOT easy to wash out.

I washed it for 10 minutes that night and little came out. When I was rocking him to sleep his hair was still standing up just like that. When he woke it the morning it was STILL in the same position!

Austin helped wash it in the sink the next morning but we couldn't get it all out. Needless to say it took about 3 days before it was back to normal. His cradle cap is better but was it worth it? If you ask him he will probably say no =)