Thursday, July 25, 2013

Running:: The Plan

I have had a ton of people ask what my plan post baby will be as far as running.
I didn't even think that would be a question

It's my passion

I ran all through pregnancy as most of you know. It took a bit of a toll on my body. During the final month I had terrible knee pain and barely completed my half at 36 weeks. It was such a downer for me to not be able to run that last month. I was worried that after Ryla came I would still be in pain and not able to run. I made sure to stretch and take care of myself after she came and once my body was ready I was ready

Running to me has become a part of me. I don't run just to get fit and stay in shape. 

I run because I love it and I love how it makes me feel.
I run because it makes me stronger on the inside and outside
I run because of the confidence it gives me as a mom, woman and wife
I run because it clears my head and helps me let go of stress
I run to feel empowered
I run to feel accomplished

When I started running I couldn't run around the block. I spent hours pushing myself both physically and mentally. I became faster, stronger more sure of myself and what I could do. After I ran my first half I knew I could accomplish things I thought were unheard of. I became more confident in my skin.

After running my second half, 9 months pregnant, I knew I could do anything I put my mind to. This has helped me tremendously in my role as a mom. Having one child is difficult but having two has been more work, stress and tears than I was ready for. Running has become my me time. After I run a run where I just want to give up but don't I realize I am strong and capable  of handling everything life throws at me. This may seem silly to some but running has helped shape in many many ways

So, to answer the question of whether I am going to continue to run post baby, YES!

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