Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Ryla's Birth Story

It was Wednesday June 12th and I was more than ready for little miss to come.
We were sitting down at the dinner table eating and talking when I looked at Austin and said,
 "I think my water just broke"
I stood up and there was a pile of liquid in my chair
"yup, my water broke"

I hadn't had any contractions all day and was confused why my water had broke. All I knew was this was finally the time.

We cleaned up the table, called my parents to let them know what was happening and packed a bag for Mason to go have a sleep over with grandpa.

The hours passed and still no contractions. We waited for what seemed like forever before things got started. Finally around 10 pm I started having contractions, light little ones that were 12 minutes apart. At 1 am I called my mom to come over, contractions were still 10 minutes apart but I wanted her there.

Time continued to move slooooow. Contractions stayed at 10 minutes only getting stronger not quicker. Kathy (my midwife) told me to call when they were 5-7 minutes. I was becoming frustrated, tired and eager. I thought the second labor was suppose to be quicker!

At 5:05 am I had a nasty contraction that was painful and different from the rest. I knew she was coming. I woke my mom who was sleeping on the bed next to me and Austin who was on the couch. We decided to see when the next contraction was before calling. The next one came in 4 minutes. Austin went to fill up the pool and I moved to the medicine ball.

Another contraction camein 3 minutes, I stood from the ball and looked at my mom

"she is coming right now"

I went to use the restroom but barely made it the 10 steps from my room to the bathroom before another contraction hit.

"Mom, she is coming right now" (nobody would believe me the 10 times I kept telling them!)

Next thing I know my mom is yelling for Austin, I am standing in the middle of the bathroom screaming (one of those pure panic and terror screams that I look back on now and I am completely embarrassed about) and I am crowning. Yes, she was coming and it was just my mom, Austin, and I to deliever.

Austin scooped me up and took me to our room where I was placed on the bed. Another contraction, more crowning. I yelled at Austin to either pull her out or push her back in. Funny the things you say and do during labor.

My mom got Kathy on the phone, she was on her way but I knew she wouldn't make it in time. One more contraction, a hard push and Ryla was born.

 Austin delievered our baby girl!

She was perfect
Beautiful color
10 Fingers and toes
Crazy brown hair

We were in love and still in shock

Then our midwives arrived. Nobody could believe how fast she came.
Ryla Dianne Hanna
June 13, 2013
5:23 am
6 lb 1 oz

Her first bath



 All snuggled up resting after a long night


  1. Such a sweet baby! And when she was ready, she was certainly ready, right?!

  2. I love your story!! Did you wait to cut the cord till the midwives got there?

  3. I needed a story like this today! Thanks for sharing. That is amazing. You and your family are amazing and the little one is precious :)


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