Saturday, December 26, 2009


Wow, a year has past already?!
Where does time go?
This year was Austin and I's first year together married. It was a great, fun filled year.
Austin got laid off in the beginning of the year but we managed through
We bought our first house and love it!
We got a new little puppy and he and Cheech are best buds
We were able to welcome a little nephew into the family, Jaxon
Austin and I both started new jobs
I continued working on my college degree
I learned the couch doubles as a bed when your husband is a master snorer
I gained great respect for Austin and all the hard work he puts in
I learned to read recipes twice and then again before starting, I must have messed up a "few" different dishes by thinking I knew how to make them
Austin will fly fish rain or shine. Snow or sleet. 7 am or 4 pm. 1 hour or 6 hours
I learned to be patient, things happen when it's the right time
Finally I learned to not buy your husband a PS3 unless you don't expect him to move from in front on the television for the next 7 hours
This year has been a blessing and we are thankful for all the family and friends we have. We look forward to another great year together and cannot wait to see what it brings :)

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