Monday, December 14, 2009


We all have them, small things that just irritate us to no end.

We don't mean anything personal by it but some things we simply can not stand.

Austin thinks I am the most easily annoyed person EVER! I wouldn't say that is true but I do have my erks.

1. Small, rather unnoticeable sound....Dogs licking, Heavy breathing, lips smacking.... I could go on for days.

2. A Dirty House... If a messy house bugs me. If you take something out put it away, simple right?! Not so much, even I tend to leave things laying around and later can't believe the mess I have.

3. Aggressive driving... A certain somebody,who will remain nameless, ALWAYS drives crazy. Is it that much of a difference to be at our destination 5 minutes later? I also dislike the crazy drivers weaving in and out of lanes. Maybe you should have left earlier.

4. Group Projects... These drive me up the wall... We are in college, working and have families. Do teachers truly believe we have time outside of class to meet with 5 other busy adults? And there is always the people who know you will do the whole project so they put forth NO effort.
5. Computers... I hate computers. They sure do make things easier on us and we can do anything on them BUT they never work right, always freeze on me and half the time I get so annoyed with them I don't get anything accomplished

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