Friday, December 11, 2009

Three Inventions I take for granted

Ever stop to think about the things you use everyday and think nothing of it?

Well lately I have realized I have a lot of "tools" I use daily that would absolutely stink if they were not around

1. Washer and dryer - Simple I know but think about spending hours hand washing and hang drying your clothes.

2. Flat Iron- I have the CRAZIEST hair ever. Only my family has seen it air dried and wild. Austin makes fun of it every night after my shower. I don't know how I dared going out without doing it when I was in elementary and Middle school

3. Hot water Heater- I always think about the days when people boiled water and poured in tub for their bath. Way too time consuming.

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  1. We felt like Little House on the Prairie when I was in labor with Jaxon...besides having him at home! They kept having to heat water on the stove to keep my birthing pool warm.

    PS Wear your hair curly on Thursday! Do it! =)


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