Thursday, January 14, 2010

What's For Dinner

Week Two

Picante Chicken and Rice Bake

Another quick and easy to put together dish


1 c corn

1/2 c water

2-4 chicken breast

3/4 c rice

1 jar Pace picante sauce (16 oz)


What to do:

Mix corn, water, rice and picante sauce in shallow baking dish

Place chicken on top

Sprinkle with paprika

Cover and bake for 45 min @ 375

**I added some cheese on top for the last 3 mins of baking**
I wasn't sure how the rice was going to taste being cooked it salsa but it was surprisingly delicious, we both loved it
**Sorry if my picture doesn't look appetizing, still figuring out with photo editing software I want, and I haven't gotten a new computer yet**

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