Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Distilled Water

The other night Austin was getting ready to charge his new motorcycle battery and needed distilled water to put inside once it was fully charged. I asked him if he wanted me to run to Wal Mart and grab a gallon for the few bucks that it was. This is how the conversation proceed from there...

Aus- "No, I will just make some."
Me- "Do you know how?
Me- "Would you like me to google how to do it?"
Aus- "Sure."

From there we watched a few videos on how to "catch" steam and let it become distilled water. Once we were done youtube-ing the different approaches I looked at him and asked again if he would like to run and get some. Again he was set on making his own.

Attempt one : Austin decided he wasn't going to follow any of the ideas we read about but instead he created his own idea. He was going to hold the tupperwear above the boiling water and let the steam turn to water and drip into a separate bowl.

Used ice in attempt to speed things up.

Attempt 2- Capture steam and wait till it becomes water

Attempt 3 - What he liked to call "making rain"
If you are wondering how this ends you are probably guessing not so well. And if that was your guess you are absolutely correct.

Come to find out, the following day, he didn't even need distilled water.

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