Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My World

Want to know what has been going on in the world of me?

I know you are all so interested so here is a bit of what's been up lately.

*I ordered a new backpack for school. Although my excitement was not overwhelming I am ready for school to start, or should I say I am ready for the first 4 weeks; the following 12 weeks of the semester do not excite me

*Austin's truck brakes went out so we have been down to only one vehicle. This has been a problem since we have such different schedules.

*We continue to pray for the start of growing our family. It has been 15 months of no luck

*I have been working/playing around in Photoshop. I really like seeing the different things I am able to create. Most of the time I just do a lot of random things till I like the outcome :) I have been reading and learning actually techniques as well.

*I haven't been sleeping much at night, I just lay wide awake. Austin says it is because I always have too much on my mind.

*I have been considering losing the 8 pounds my doctor made me gain; they just don't fit into my lifestyle or summer clothes or swim suit for that matter.

*I want to get highlights in my hair, the only problem is I only like them for the first 6 weeks. After that I don't want to pay to get them touched up and I hate the look of growing them out.

*I put my first item to sell on ebay up yesterday. I don't know if it will sell but I thought I would try.

*Lastly I am hoping the change in my change jar is enough (or more) to pay for my school books, which is exactly $358.54

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  1. My heart tripped up when I read this. 15 months is forever when you are wanting a baby. I know a little of this struggle and my heart hurts for you. You handle it so gracefully, with your ability to rejoice with others. I had a hard time with that. If you ever need to talk, I'm here. And I'll be praying for your journey.


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