Monday, August 16, 2010

In My Yard.......

For lack of anything better to do, I wondered around my yard last night (feel free to call me a dork). I found some pretty interesting things I never noticed before along with some of my favorite parts on my backyard.

My favorite things included:

This old bench. I love having a swinging bench in our yard, even if it is older than I am
Our tiki torches. When ever it is not blistering hot out we like to light them up and sit outside
Clothes Line. Always love to hang clothes out and get the fresh sunshine smell. Austin, however, hates the smell :(

New Findings.... This plastic turtle. I remember it when we moved in. Austin loved it, thought it was the coolest thing. I had completely forgotten about it.
Two rusty, old paint cans were tucked far away in the corner of our yard.
A wooden wind chime hangs from our shed. A neat little decoration.
A sun.... plaque? I am not sure what to label this but it adds a little something to our small fence along the porch.
And finally this guy. He hopped right in front of me and almost made me pee my pants. Austin said he has hung out by the shed, in the same spot since we moved in.

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