Monday, November 7, 2011

All Over

This post is going to be all over the place.

It is raining out today so Mason and I are enjoying the warmth of inside. 

I love  this picture of Mas and Me, I wish it wasn't blurry

I want more coffee.
The time change has Mason up at 6 am.

I dyed my hair today, I put red and caramel highlights in it. My friend, Allie, did a fantastic job on it. It is different and I am still getting use to it.

I finally found my mustard colored yarn! It was labeled marigold but it is the exact color I imagined in my head. I finished a cowl out of it and love it.
I think I now have an addiction to cowls. 
I want a turquoises one. 

I put this outfit on just for this picture. I really wanted to show off my mustard cowl.
I am actually wearing a Wichita State baseball shirt and sweats, both of which are grey 

It's Monday so this is the best excuse for a post that you are going to get


  1. Ooh, I'm diggin' that cowl, too :) Which stitch did you use for it? I've never given cowls too much consideration, but now.....
    Great Monday post :)

  2. Love the cowl. I am wanting to make one for myself. I crochet and am learning to I bought some chunky yarn and thick needles. Just gotta finish a few other projects first. Love the color.


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