Tuesday, November 8, 2011

hanging with daddy

Over the last few weeks we have decided that instead of driving all the way east to my mom's just to drive all the way west to work I was going to leave Mason at home with Austin at least one day out of the week. I would have to leave work early but with the colder weather things slow down.

When Mas was first born both Austin and I were overwhelmed, how could we have not been? First time parents not knowing what to expect. Austin never kept Mason alone, a lot of that had to due with the fact he is breastfed. 

It has taken Austin some time to get use to having a small child around but he has become an excellent dad. I always knew he would be. He loves hanging with Mason and vise versa.

They are two silly boys and I am grateful for them both. I love watching Austin take care of him, making him laugh and telling him about all the trouble things they are going to do together.

I definitely have my hands full with these two but I love that they are best buds!

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