Friday, November 18, 2011

a little baking

For Christmas I asked for a Kitchen Aid mixer. Last week for our anniversary Austin got me one, he said the sooner I got it the sooner I could make him treats. 

Today I decided Mason and I would put it to some good use
We gathered all our ingredients and put together a quick cake with homemade frosting
Yes, I was so excited to use it that I stood over and watched it.

While the cake part was baking Mas and I hung out
 and when it had cooled we threw together the frosting.

Of course we tested it out.

On a funny note, after I ate my piece I kissed him and placed him down for a nap. When he woke up and I went to get him, I leaned in to kiss him and he smelled of chocolate frosting!

Back to cake baking, 2 things I learned today...
do not leave the butter sticks you are planning to use for the frosting on the stove while the cake is baking in attempts to soften them... they melted everywhere
Also, do not and I mean do NOT lick the spoon used to scrap the unsweetened melted chocolate into the mixer. I almost puked...seriously

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