Monday, November 7, 2011


Friday Mason had a playdate with Clara. Not only was it nice for him to have a little buddy but it was nice for me to have some time with a friend as well.

Clara was born just 2 weeks after Mason and it has been great building a closer relationship with her mama, Emma. We were able to go through pregnancy together, chat about symptoms and what kind of moms we would be. Now that our babies are here we love watching them grow together and talking about a whole new range of topics.

Right now they just lay on the floor together and share a hatred for tummy time

They are literally the exact same size, weight and height
They were so cute together. Clara was a chatter and Mason couldn't get 2 words in. Guess he better get use to that, girls will be girls.

They looked into eachother's eyes, smiling, talking and holding hands. 
it was priceless

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