Friday, November 18, 2011


The last week has been a mad rush to crochet as many things as I possible can.

My aunt lives in Alaska and runs a children's boutique
I send her items to sell in hershop
Sunday she told me she would be attending a very large craft fair in 2 weeks and if i sent her stuff she was almost sure it would sell. I had a huge tub of yarn that needed used up so I told her I would kick my butt in gear and send her as much as I could. Even though the craft fair still was 2 weeks away, shipping to Alaska takes 4-5 days so I only had a week to get my stuff together and shipped
Every night this week after putting Mason to bed around 7:15 i have spent four hours crocheting. Needless to say I do get distracting here and there but I really worked hard on getting her as much as I could.

not only would it be good Christmas money but I also wanted to help build the craft side of her shop. Her shop sells adorable clothing, toys, diaper covers, knitted goods, and hair accessories. She is super kind to allow me to sell my good there and  even labels each of my products with my etsy shop label.

This is what my dinning table has looked like for the last week

And here is a sample of the finished goods I sent her

She sent Mason the cutest suit and tux that I just can't wait to photograph him in, be sure to check back next week for that!!


  1. How awesome!! Exciting so have your stuff sell!

  2. I love everything! I'll be posting pics of Ry in her hat next week!


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