Tuesday, December 13, 2011

6 months

my sweet boy is 6 months
time has flown by
he has changed so so much in these few months

Mason is the perfect addition to our family. everyday we grow closer to him and love him more and more. He brings happiness to Austin and I as well as both of our families. He brings smiles to our faces everyday

his jumpee
bath time
seeing our faces when he wakes up
playing peek a boo

tummy time (big surprise)
naps (sometimes)
loud noises ie blender, coffee grinder, hair dryer
getting dresser/wearing a jacket

He is sitting by himself  for the most part but if he does fall over he will tip over, not even attempt to catch himself and then just lay there. I find it quite funny

He still is not rolling over nor does he show any interest in doing so. He will lay and if something is out of reach he doesn't reach for but rather just look at it then remain just laying there. 

I almost cry every time I think about how much he has grown. Although he is just half a year old, I feel like so much of his life has gone by. I don't want him to grow anymore. It is only a matter of time before I can't cuddle him.  Mason if you can read this, stop growing up! Love mom =)

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