Wednesday, December 14, 2011

my camera strap

I spent the morning looking through etsy for a padded camera strap.
I searched 100's of listings for just the right one.
i couldn't find it

I found a few i liked but I wasn't settling for one I just liked, I wanted to love it, especially if I was dishing out $20+ 

I ended up not buying one. Instead I went to Hobby Lobby to see if I could find that fabric I just loved.
I did't
BUT I did find some decent fabric on clearance  and fleece (for padding) 

I am not totally in love with it but for a total of $4 I am pretty pleased with the outcome until I find what I want.

This is the first time I made a camera strap and wasn't completely sure how to do it.
 I cut  two pieces of the cotton and one piece of fleece which I sewed sandwiched in between the outer fabric to add padding. 

I sewed a small pocket on the outside to put my lens cap in while I am shooting. 

When I was finished I noted a few things I wish to do differently next time.

I also found some owl patterned fabric I had left over from a previous project that I plan to make a strap for as a Christmas gift, I have the perfect person in mind for it =)


  1. Love it!! And good thinking with the little pocket!! Im always trying to find where to put my lens cap so i wont lose it!!

  2. I just made my mother-in-law a camera strap cover with that exact fabric. I kid you not! great job, btw!


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