Friday, December 9, 2011

the sippy

We have introduced the sippy cup to Mason and he has been quite entertaining with it.
We noticed in the bath tub he was taking his plastic cup we use to rinse his hair out and dunking it in the water then with 2 hands bringing it to his face and drinking so we decided it was time.

first he insisted to hold it between his feet and take his mouth to it but obviously you can't get any water that way so i helped him
his reaction....
this isn't mama's milk!

i will not stand for this!
get out of here

and with that the sippy stands alone.

He really likes shaking it and bringing it to his mouth but once he takes a drink and realizes it is just water he gets mad. I know it will just take a short while before he gets the hang of it.

tonight we try cereal for the first time! I am excited but sad to see my little man grow up

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