Saturday, December 10, 2011

meeting santa

i have been looking around at places that santa would be visiting before Christmas so we could take Mason to meet him.

I really didn't want to go to the mall...just something about it wasn't settling with me. I wanted a smaller, less crowded place in case we had a melt down.

A friend informed me that Santa would be visiting the bakery she worked at today. I thought this was the perfect place; it would a little crowd and afterwards we could get some cookies! 

Austin went hunting so I called my mom and had her come help. When we got there, there wasn't a line and only one other family in there. Santa was awesome. He waited while i got my camera ready then put Mason on his lap. 

at first Mason wanted nothing to do with him.

Santa talked to Mason and tried to get him to smile or at least look at him

finally he looked at him
and upon realizing it was a stranger proceed to wrinkle his little face up, shiver his lips and cry

Santa smiled and said make sure you get one of that. 

I am so happy we found this location to visit Santa, it was definitely the perfect first experience with him

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