Thursday, December 15, 2011

who doesn't like a chubby naked kid

tonight was the first night i put Mas in the real  bathtub instead of his baby tub.
we don't have a slip resistant mat so he was sliding all over the place but liked it for the most part

i was worried he wasn't going to have it considering when we moved his baby tub from kitchen sink to bathroom he was terrified and cried 2 nights before he was okay with it

most of these pictures are blurry but what can you expect when you are trying to take a photo of a 6 month old, who still falls over when sitting sometimes, in a bathtub without a slip mat?? plus i didn't want my iso above 400 because i get grain so my shutter was slower than needed to capture a moving baby!

who doesn't like a chunky nakie baby??




  1. haha, we didn't have a mat at first either so laila was a slippin and a slidin like crazy!! no matter how blurry, though, he's still cute :]

  2. So stinkin' cute! He looks like he's really havin' fun splashing around!

  3. Haha!! Look at him splashing!! He's so Gorgeous!! I think your pics are fantastic!! I hate having the iso above 400, but i cant figure out the shutter speed yet so i go 800 and flash!lol! One day il get it!!


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