Tuesday, March 27, 2012

5k, sandals, and soccer

This weekend was a busy one! Both my sisters were in town so Mas and I tried to hang out with them as much as possible.

Saturday I ran my second 5k and being as I felt 100% better than last week it went 100% better! I knocked 2 minutes off my time. My goal was 28 minutes and I finished in 28:15! Brooke and Nate decided to run it with us since they were in town. Brooke finished in 27 minutes (dang soccer girl) and Nate knocked it out in 22!! I have been telling people that I am not a runner and I do not necessarily love to run, they tend to look at me weird and ask why I am running so many races this spring/summer.  I do it as part of me time. I love working out and being fit and running is so awesome for getting in shape. Also I love doing it with my girlfriends. I don't get to get out and away from Mas very much and when I do it is nice doing something healthy and good for me with my friends.

We have this weekend off but Easter weekend we are running a 10k! Yes, that is 6 miles, lord help me! I don't really have high goals for this race other than to finish. We are looking at it as our practice run for the River Run 10k in June. I think 60 minutes would be a good time for me. That gives me about 10 minutes a mile, I hope to jog the whole thing but know I may need to walk a minute here and there.

Later Saturday afternoon we attended Brooke's alumni soccer game. The weather was nice and we got to hang with aunt Emily!

Check out the new sandals.... Austin has been looking all over for sandals like this for Mason. He has the exact pair but everywhere he looked they were too expensive. We found these at Target for a reasonable price and Austin was happy to get them, one of many Mason-daddy things

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  1. That was my explanation to Mitch about running. He asked why I do it and why so many runs...great way of putting it :) It's me time without kids/hubby with girlfriends..bonus is we get a good workout!!!


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