Friday, March 9, 2012

Photographing your own child...

is dang near impossible.

I was hoping to get Mason's 9 month photos taken today since it was so beautiful out. I have never had much luck getting him to go along with it. I am very uninteresting to him and he is definitely curious these days.

He decided he was going to look anywhere but at me.

 Grass is his favorite right now, he picks it, examines, tries to eat then hands it to me

I decided maybe out back would be better, actually I wanted some shade from the sun and I knew he would smile when he saw cheech.

However, he was ONLY interested in the dog and wouldn't look at me at all!!

He absolutely loves the dog!

again interested in anything else but me

 Mason is 9 months on Sunday, time has flown by
I can't believe I am planning his first birthday already

Mason loves....
playing peek a boo
yelling back and forth with daddy
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
Standing (assisted)
He is starting to give kisses when you ask for them and say what sounds like ma and dada


  1. Ok the one with the dog is precious! But I agree. My kids will not let me take their picture

  2. These pics are Gorgeous, Love his lil overalls!!!! Lachy's going through a camera hog phase so i have no issues getting pics!!lol! Isnt birthday planning Fun!!! We're thinking of a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme, cause that's his fav' too!!


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