Tuesday, March 13, 2012

on running

My first 5k is this Saturday! I can't believe it is already here, I feel like I have been preparing forever but still not ready for it.  Actually I am feeling pretty good about it. The weather has been so nice lately that getting out to run is easy.

As you remember I started getting back in shape 2 months ago, I wanted to feel good about myself again and I used the I just had a baby excuse for too long, for goodness sake Mason was 7 months!

I started out doing Insanity and it was a real reality check; it kicked my butt. A friend of mine talked me into signing up for a 5k with her. It was 8 weeks away which left me with plenty of time to prepare. I am not a runner by any means but I knew it would push me to train hard.

At first I ran on my mom's treadmil after work on days that she had Mason... it was ok but I never went more than a mile and a half. Treadmil running is SO boring. I started running outside when it was nice and I was able to run much further, it was nice actually moving when I ran. There is something about going from A to B rather than just running in place that works for me.

Today the weather was awesome, I clean up my jogging stroller, which I bought at a yard sale a year before I was even expecting Mason.... it was cheap, and loaded little man up. I pushed myself and the stroller the whole 3 miles... in 26 minutes!!!

I honestly feel well prepared for my race and on track to running it under my goal which is 27 minutes. After this race I have another 5k the following weekend then I have 3 weeks to train for The Gladiator run which is a 5k obstacle course sure to kick my booty!

Be sure to check back in next week for my post on the race!

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  1. I'm so excited for you. Good for setting a goal and working towards it. I look forward to reading how it all went and seeing pics (probably taken by someone else, and not you, right??)


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