Tuesday, March 6, 2012

MY guitar hero

I cleaned out may car this weekend, which was waaaay over due but that's not the point, and I found a toy I had purchased for Mason about 2 months ago. 

It is a guitar that plays music, counts, makes animal noises and can even be put in Spanish (Austin likes to do this).

Today Mason was on day 2 of being super fussy, he refuses to be put down without whining non-stop. I tried just letting him whine but he continued to do so for 30 minutes so I gave in and held him. I was able to get 5 minutes of him on the floor...alone while he played with his new toy.

Oh hey mom , want me to play this guitar for you??

Look I can play it without using my hands!
oh, you want me to sing too?!

Maybe we should practice some more before we decide to go on tour

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  1. I think this stage is maybe my least favorite. All of my boys have been pretty needy at this age. Keep hanging on..it does get better! :)


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