Saturday, March 17, 2012

In my head vs real life

This post is super picture heavy but perfect for those who like to look at the pictures and not read a lot of words.

I had the great idea in my head of St. Patrick's Day photos with Mason since his 9 month ones were a flop. I was going to make him a cute little shirt and place him in a garden of shamrocks.

Here is the story as it played out in real life....

Look at all these shamrocks!

 I know, I will eat them!

Oh, hey mom... don't mind me collecting all these flower things

Do I look fat when I eat them?

Is dad mowing behind me?!

This photo shoot is crap!

oh, I am suppose to be looking at you?

Check out this awesome shirt my mom made me =)

Sometimes when I am outside I like to YELL

Ok mom I will give you one good shot but I will wait till you are super close to me and can't get my whole body in the frame

I am pretty sure I have yet to have a photo idea with this child work 

Happy St Patty's Day!


  1. These were cracking Jason and I up...especially the "do I look fat when I eat them?" And "this photo shoot is crap!" Ones.

    He's so cute.

    Oh, and mason, uncle Jason says your muscles are sagging. ;)

    Love you!

  2. I love the photos!! Great memories being captured on film! :) Even if they aren't quite like you pictured. He is a cutie!

  3. Aww, how cute!! Can I squeeze him??


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